Paradigma Coffee Trading

Guatemala Based Exporter of Fine Specialty Green Coffees

About Raul Rodas

World Barista Champion 2012 and the four-time Guatemala Barista Champion. Raul created a cupping lab In Guatemala City where producers can showcase coffees to green buyers, roasters and importers. The lab gives feedback to producers to help them constantly Improve growing and processing, boosting their quality and process. It also provides buyers access to many coffees and producers from around Guatemala and Honduras without have to travel to all the regions. 

What We Do

We are In the business of helping connect you with some of the most Interesting lots In Guatemala. We will be your eyes, ears, and taste buds on the ground, able to connect directly with producers to find you exactly what you're looking for. We help you find the specific varieties, processing methods, washing, resting, drying and milling specifications - we can manage all these details for you to ensure your green coffee is specific and unique. 

We can begin before harvest, contracting with producers to process your greens with several types of processing, including anaerobic, semi-washed, honey natural and manage the lot separation providing transparency along the way. 

We will work with the mills and exporters to ensure your coffee Is packaged to your specifications and makes It to port for shipping and ultimately delivery.

We only use FOB pricing so you don't have surprise import fees.

Who We Don't do:  We are not an exporter or an off-the shelf coffee warehouse. We begin the process before harvest to source your coffee to your specifications.


We like to provide transparency throughout the supply chain by giving you as much detail on each coffee as possible. We can often provide more specifics than some exporters and we are fluent In both Spanish and English which helps us to be the link between producers and the best roasters of the world.  We can also provide certification paperwork for organic coffees.

We establish pricing directly between roasters and producers, but we can facilitate export with any export/importer you like. 

Specialty Lots/Cup of Excellence

We work with some of the best producers In Guatemala and will Include offerings of COE coffees.

We also help producers with experimental processing methods to produce new and Interesting flavor profiles. These Include anaerobic process, honey process, dry and natural process, semi washed.  Producers are always experimenting to create Interesting and special lots.

Regional coffees / Blender type

This coffees are scored 83/84 points and are harvest in Nov to Dec depending on the altitude and the region of the harvest area but normally are ready to shipped on Feb / Mar  the earliest if nothing crazy happens in the year like COVID.


This coffees are scored 85+ points and are harvest in Mar / Apr depending on the altitude and the region of the harvest are but normally  are ready to be shipped on Apr / May.

Nanolots / exclusive processing 

This coffee normally are planned in advanced when the harvest haven't started yet. We are open to make any particular process idea that the customer have, we would buy cherries to make the process and the customer should buy the process no matter the result (Raul will make sure that the result is not a fail). Nanolots that are made we would send samples for cupping and decide on whats available, Raul makes sure to source great coffees from different farms and profiles cups from producers that have this amazing gems. 

Current Offerings

We have the most green coffees following harvest, which Is usually Jan to May. We also stock some green throughout the year.

We will post a list of some of our offering In 2024. We always have some lots that are not listed, such as special process and microlots.

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p: +502 3035-5929